Wednesday, October 24, 2018

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Club, Group, or Team Donation Program

Sommer Sports will donate to your club, group, or team by participating in our events.

For each person that registers for a Sommer Sports owned event via after June 1, 2011 and enters the name you provided to Sommer Sports in advance into the "Club or Group Name" field, we will donate a portion of the registration fee back to your club, group, or team. If you are a coach, you will receive credits in lieu of the rebate check.

There is NO CHARGE to participate in this program. All we need is the name you wish to distribute, and the name of the entity to make the donation to, and where to mail the check.

The cash back amounts per participant that entered your code name are as follows:

Cool Summer Mornings 5k Run/Walk Series, $2.00
Tower 10 Miler/5k Run Walk, $2.00
Orange Blossom 5K, $2.00
Any TriKidz race, $2.00

Orange Blossom Half Marathon, $5.00
Florida Duathlon Festival, Sprint, $5.00
Florida Duathlon Festival, Long Course, $5.00
Great Clermont Sprint (Tri or Du), $5.00
Great Clermont International (Sprint or Du), $5.00
Central Florida Triathlon Series, $5.00
Central Florida Duathlon Series, $5.00
Florida Challenge Triathlon, Sprint, $5.00
Flordian 15K, $5.00
Great Floridian AquaBike, $5.00
Great Floridian Long Course (aka Intermediate), $5.00

Florida Challenge Triathlon, Long Course, $10.00
Great Floridian Triathlon Ultra Course, $10.00

To participate in this program*:
1. Click HERE to send us an email and let us know the name that you are registering.

2. After you have received your confirmation email, let your club/team members or clients know to use the newly approved name when registering for a Sommer Sports event on

3. Make sure that your club, group, team members enter the code in the "Club or Group Name" field during registration. Here are two screen captures of where to enter the name.

Entire page with Club or Team Name area highlighted.

Enter your club, group or team name in the white box when actually registering.

Thank you for your interest in this unique fundraising program.
Donations will not be made on on pre-negoiated discounts
or entries via special promotions (3-4-2, etc).

Sommer Sports reserves the right to change the
terms of this program a any time without notice.